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Bishop Francis O'Doyle Empty Bishop Francis O'Doyle

Post  WoDerator on Thu Jul 12, 2012 12:47 pm

The Diocese of Providence are led by a true man of faith.  Bishop O'Doyle has remained steadfast despite Protestant prejudice and has managed to secure lasting partnerships with other churches in the area since his ascendancy.  Mass led by the bishop invokes a sense of true peace in his parishioners, and the Catholic community of Providence remains united and dedicated to their piousness.  

The Bishop takes an unusual and strong stance against any outside influence, denouncing the ways of Satan.  Non-Christian beliefs, including any occult rumors, are quickly denounced as the influence of the Evil One.

The Bishop's policies towards charity, justice, and good-deeds are strong despite continued rumors that he has ties with the local mafia (all Italian).  Members of the Giuseppe family especially are members of the diocese, but they seem to get no preferential treatment.

The Bishop is an extremely charismatic man in his 50s, soft spoken and calm.  His presence quickly diffuses many hostile situations.

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